NOTE: The downloaded outgassing data file will be in tab-delimited format.

HINT: In your browser, create a helper preference associating file type 'text/tab-separated values' and file extensions 'tsv' with application 'Excel'. Pressing Download will then launch Excel with the data, from which you may save the data in one of several formats.

The fields in the data are:

Field Name Field Size Description
sample_id Char(52) Material Name
data_ref Char(8) Date Reference
mfgr_code Char(3) Manufacturer Code
tml Num(5.2) % Total Mass Loss (TML)
vcm Num(5.2) % Collected Volatile Condensable Materials (CVCM)
wvr Num(5.2) % Water Vapor Regained (WVR)
time1 Char(4) Cure Time
temp1 Num(3.0) Cure Temperature
atm1 Char(4) Atmosphere
time2 Char(4) Cure Time
temp2 Num(3.0) Cure Temperature
atm2 Char(4) Atmosphere
time3 Char(4) Cure Time
temp3 Num(3.0) Cure Temperature
atm3 Char(4) Atmosphere
time4 Char(4) Cure Time
temp4 Num(3.0) Cure Temperature
atm4 Char(4) Atmosphere
appl_code Char(16) Application